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What places have what it takes to develop entrepreneurship in the modern technologies sector?

15 June 2018

Natalia Iwan

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The places that hosted the first edition of the Eastern Tech Tour on June 11–13, 2018: Warsaw (Poland) and Sofia (Bulgaria).

Eastern Europe has one of the highest economic grows in the world, and is a starting point for prosperous ecosystems of entrepreneurship that over the last few years have generated USD 5 billion of liquidity for investors.*

A total of 30 most promising companies from the modern technologies sector presented themselves at the Eastern Europe Tech Tour: 15 companies from East-Central Europe (including Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, and Hungary) in Warsaw

and 15 from Southeast Europe (including Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldavia, Albania, Bosnia, and Herzegovina).

Invited guests included 40 international investors operating in the region and 40 local investors.

* https://www.techtour.com/events/2018/6/event-eastern-europe-tech-tour-2018.html?pageId=2339293