ABA DrOmnibus


Sensory chambers, VR glasses, speech recognition tools, libraries in the cloud, virtual schools and platforms for individual learning. This is not a vision of the future from a sci-fi film, but new suggestions for a modern school. While not all of them are available on a large scale yet, we believe that it’s only a matter of time before they become widely popular.

We’ve been able to learn about these solutions, as well as touch, test and feel them during the Bett Show, the world’s largest educational technology fair, held in London. We went to the fair to look for inspiration and promote the development of technologies dedicated for special education. At our booth, we showcased our apps, Inclusive Education and Happy Therapy.

We’ve established many great relationships. During an inspiring talk with the representatives of Nisai Virtual Academy, we exchanged our thoughts on the future of those students who, for various reasons, are unable to continue their education at stationary schools. Virtual Academy gives such students the opportunity to complete their education through e-learning classes. A personalised curriculum allows them to finish school and, consequently, become independent and find their way on the employment market. This solution often proves ideal for, among others, persons with ASD who can’t attend conventional schools.

We agreed that early intervention is crucial, as it enables working on deficits early on during a child’s development. Identifying deficient areas and undertaking appropriate action is a reliable means of fully developing a child’s capabilities at the early stages of education. As a result, some children with disorders will be able to successfully attend conventional schools and universities and, later on, find their way on the employment market. This is what DrOmnibus cares the most about!

During the fair and conferences, we also paid a visit to organisations we collaborate with on a daily basis, including NASEN, the largest international organisation that has an influential voice at national level on issues concerning special educational needs. And at their booth, we were proud to read a positive review of our Inclusive Education app. We’ll be sure to share the review with you soon!
The Bett Show took us on a journey through time to a school of tomorrow, where all children receive appropriate support. This is a school we dream of, and a school we want to build together with you all!