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6 March 2018

Natalia Iwan

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Read more about features description od ABA DrOmnibus Resource APP and make ABA Therapy more effectiveness for children with autism.

The video modeling feature in ABA DrOmnibus includes two options.

Firstly, the ABA Program Supervisor can model how to run programs for their therapists in the app. If you need to quickly capture the way you want to do a specific program, you can record yourself, and the video modeling associated with the program will be conveniently available to your therapists.

Secondly, the app features a video modeling database, similarly to the picture database. The video modeling animations can be used to teach skills.

For instance,  suppose you want to teach your learner how to clap their hands. Unless you have another person to help you, you can either show them how to clap the hands but you cannot hold their hands, or you can hold their hands but you cannot model at the same time. This is where the video modeling database comes in: simply run a video of clapping the hands while you stand behind the child and help them. The teaching is supported by an additional, visual guidance.

The video modeling database in ABA DrOmnibus includes dozens of animations.

Read more about features description od ABA DrOmnibus Resource APP

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