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iPadz for Autism, a local NGO that operates in the United States in the York County (Pennsylvania), supports schools attended by children with autism spectrum disorder. And how does the founder of the organization, Laurie Howard, help the schools? She gives them iPads!

Modern technologies are close to Laurie’s heart. She herself has a son with autism spectrum disorder who, thanks to working with a tablet, among other things, learned to read! This is what the founder of the organization says about tablets in the context of their use in therapy: “A touchscreen device is very interactive, intuitive and easy to use for children with autism, who often have motor problems. Also the visual effects in the apps installed on the tablet are amazing and so important for our children who think with images. A tablet stimulates involvement and engages children in a way that can help them learn the concepts which they wouldn’t be able to learn with traditional methods of teaching.”

There are many kinds of tablet apps (we wrote about several of them on our blog) that can help children with autism. Some of them can improve concentration, ability to hold attention, hand-eye coordination and memory. Others support the development of speech and teach social behavior. Finally, there are also apps that help children with ASD in daily activities.

There is also, of course, DrOmnibus, our app that comprehensively supports the treatment of children with developmental and/or behavioral disorders (including autism) by training their skills through games, monitoring their progress and organizing the work of therapists.

That is why, according to Laurie, it is extremely important to make iPads available in each class attended by children with autism spectrum disorder. The ideal situation would be, however, if the tablets were available for therapeutic purposes to every child in the class. This way, teachers would be able to customize the programs and apps to the children’s skills, and then their potential would be used at 100%.

The organization works efficiently in this direction. They were able to help five classes in the county. They collect money all the time to achieve their goal of donating iPads to all classes (in the York County) which specialize in the education of children with autism spectrum disorders.

Article source:: http://fox43.com/2014/10/17/woman-wants-to-put-ipads-in-every-autistic-support-classroom-in-york-county/
Fot.: Flickr/Ben Grey