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Silicon Valley is waiting for us!

30 May 2017

Ewa Kochańska

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As the only Polish company to have reached the finals of Google Launchpad, we will take part in a 6-month training program for startups.

The programme begins with two-week training in San Francisco, the main feature of which are mentoring sessions with engineers and managers of products hailing from 20 Google teams and an international team of external mentors. The participants are given equity-free aid in the amount of USD 50,000, free access to commercial Google services and support from local Google teams for the following 6 months.

During yesterday’s press conference at Campus Warsaw, Michał Ryś, founder and CFO of DrOmnibus, talked about tablet multimedia tools for children with autism. DrOmnibus’s origins and products are related to the company founders’ previous experience from working at the Hippotherapy Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities.

Michał Ryś also explained the company’s scope of operation (clinical trials and children’s successes). When asked about the markets with the biggest developmental potential for DrOmnibus, he listed the American market – due to the popularity of behavioural therapy in the US, a method that is also implemented in the multimedia tools developed by the company (the Inclusive Education app and additional materials).

Apart from DrOmnibus, two Czech companies have qualified for the programme, Gamee (a social gaming platform), Spendee (an on-line finance manager), as well as the Hungarian PublishDrive (a platform for on-line book publishers).

Do you work with children with special needs?