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12 September 2017

Ewa Kochańska

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The games focus on developing logical thinking. The child’s task is to follow spoken instructions to select a picture of an object based on the object’s trait. The games begin with the characteristic traits of a given object. The level of difficulty then gradually increases with the games moving on to less obvious traits.

In five of the games, the traits of objects and phenomena appear in pairs of opposites:

  • Hot and Cold
  • Soft and Hard
  • Dry and Wet
  • Light and Heavy
  • Fast and Slow

This feature makes it easier for a child to learn to identify a trait and develops the ability to indicate opposites.

Example: Which one is cold?

The other two games, named Objects and Attributes, summarize a child’s knowledge about the traits of particular objects. Questions about each trait appear randomly, not necessarily as opposites.

Example: Which one is light?

All games gradually increase the level of difficulty by increasing the number of pictures a child has to compare.

Example: What is dry?

In the words of the games’ designers, “We increase the level of difficulty by moving from questions about a single trait on to mixed questions. This feature helps address a child’s gaps in knowledge within a particular area. Sometimes, the trait we’re asking about is not the first trait that comes to your mind when you think about a given object. This is a deliberate design to teach children to think flexibly about objects and develop their analytical thinking skills.”