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The meeting took place during the official royal visit to Poland, and was part of the Warsaw-London Bridge. an event organized by The Heart and the British Embassy. Princess Kate and Prince William initially planned to meet the selected start-ups separately, but in the end, decided to talk with each company together. It was a great honor for us.

The royal couple appreciated the Emotions game featured in our app

The meeting took place in a very friendly and private atmosphere. Princess Kate asked us how the idea for a company that supports the needs of children with special needs had been born. We were able to tell our story and talk about our relationship with the Hippotherapy Foundation in Krakow, where we got our first hand-on experience. The needs of children are particularly dear to the princess, who supports initiatives that help the youngest generations. Prince William was also interested in our Emotions game, and said that it formed an extremely important area of development that should be paid special attention to, for instance wherever children with autism are concerned. He also admitted that most people are fond of games. He clicked through the Emotions game himself and asked if he could download our app from the AppStore.

Princess Kate, Honorary Ambassador of DrOmnibus

To conclude our meeting, we gave the royal pair a gift: our People and Emotions set, and princess Kate accepted the title of our company’s Honorary Ambassador with a smile on her face. “It was a great honor to be able to host Their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess of Cambridge, who had been looking forward to a meeting with entrepreneurs, startups, and scientists that would build a bridge between the two countries”, said Johnathan Knott, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Poland.

Ten promising Polish startups

The meeting was held in Warsaw’s business center, on the 39th floor of the Warsaw Spire. It was a great privilege for our company. We’re happy to have been among the 10 selected startups. Polish companies show how much can be achieved with creativity, technological innovations, and engagement on foreign markets”, commented Bogumiła Matuszewska-Wojtyła “We’ve began the Google acceleration program, and some of our staff is now in San Francisco. However, we were also present in the Warsaw Spire in spirit.”

In addition to the app, the royal couple took interest in the JIVR intelligent bicycle, the Photon educational robot, the Whisbear humming teddy bears, the Neurodio app, the 360 BIVROST and Smart AR devices, the Migam sign language translator, the Sidly and Pregnabit telemedical devices, and other products.