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Roxanne Malloy, BCBA – DrOmnibus is great for parents struggling with ABA

5 March 2018

Natalia Iwan

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With the rise in use of technology, I am always eager to learn and get exposure to applications that can be downloaded onto Smart devices that could hold not only reinforcing value, but an educational benefit for young individuals as well. When I learned about the DrOmnibus app, which was created in Poland, and read that it utilized some of the fundamentals of applied behavior analysis I couldn’t help but to check it out myself. My initial thought was how great this would be for parents who struggle with learning and applying the fundamentals of ABA.

This app essentially has a teaching assistant built into the app and completes all of the work (delivering instructions, reinforcement and taking data just to name a few) for you. It is often difficult to manage a youngster at home and even more difficult to get the child to engage in a non-preferred task when he/she does not want to do so. The ABA DrOmnibus application has over 7,000 fundamental tasks built in that could be portrayed as “fun” activities for children at home. One of the great things about the app is that the tasks are broken down in such a way so that they are short and reinforcement is delivered quickly to keep the attention of the child. ABA DrOmnibus is the perfect app for children who have difficulty attending for long periods of time. Following the completion of the short lessons embedded within the app, your child can choose from an array of “fun” games for their “breaks”.

For parents who struggle with identifying beneficial ways to occupy your child and often find yourselves allowing them extra television or video game time just to avoid the push back, the ABA DrOmnibus app could be a very simple solution for you!

Roxanne Malloy, MS BCBA, LBA at the Hillcrest Educational Foundation located in Lenox, MA. Holds various positions ranging from Teacher’s Assistant to Teacher in a Life Skills classroom with young adults. Has practised as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since November 2015.