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My name is Roxanne Malloy and I became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in November of 2015. I have had the privilege of working in a residential setting in Massachusetts for the last 5 years and have held various positions. Having started my career and finding my passion in the position of a Teachers Assistant, I understand and appreciate all of the hard work and time that goes into making a program run smoothly for a student on the Autism Spectrum.

Many benefits included in the ABA DrOmnibus app

Within this article, I will touch base on a few of the many benefits included in the ABA DrOmnibus app to assist with making day to day challenges much more bearable. I spent 1 year of my career filling the role of a High School teacher for individuals with a diagnosis of ASD. I know firsthand how time consuming making materials for the dozens of programs implemented in a child’s daily routine.

Between sizing, printing, cutting, laminating and putting velcro on the materials, when it’s all said and done, those tasks take hours. Not to mention how frustrating it is when the materials get misplaced or when a student manages to destroy them, even though you’re using some of the sturdiest laminate money can buy. It’s time consuming and it’s expensive. It also takes away from the quality of services students receive.

The ABA DrOmnibus app is one of the few, if not only applications that you can download that already has all of the materials built in and ready to start implementing programs right away. There is no glue, no velcro and no laminate. How much better can it get? A potentially time consuming and expected job duty of a Teacher’s Assistant is the data collection. Yes, our direct aids are trained and ready to collect data, but depending on what is happening in the immediate environment, we have to learn to accept that data collection may not always happen when we expect it to.

The great thing about the ABA DrOmnibus app  

There is no one held responsible for jotting down the positives and the negatives. The data collection is immediate and takes care of itself, allowing staff to work with the individuals in the classroom who may be having more difficulty. At no point do staff have to say to themselves, “Oh no, I forgot to take that data. Was it a positive or a negative? Was it prompted or independent?” Another big benefit to the ABA DrOmnibus app is the consistent and constant delivery of reinforcement. There are always tokens being delivered to the child following each correct response with music and fun mini games built in to the app. If there is another issue in the immediate environment that needs to be addressed, direct aids can rest assured that the student will be engaged and reinforcement will still be delivered to the student using the app. Let’s talk about time management. Managing your time accordingly is crucial when working with an individual with ASD.

You can’t spend too much time setting materials or workstations up. When the student is ready to go, you need to be ready to go as well. I remember when I was working in the position of a Teachers Assistant, program set up and timing were 2 of my biggest stressors. I would let the child know that it was time to begin work and then I had to thumb through pages of programs, get out all of the materials, make sure I had the child’s reinforcers ready and a utensil to collect my data. Our direct aids work really hard. They have an extremely hard job and if there is a way to assist with making their jobs easier then I am all in.

The ABA DrOmnibus app is set up to save direct care staff a lot of time. Everything is organized and you have everything that you would need to run a successful tabletop program right in your hands. In the long run, utilizing the app allows us to cover more material with our students in a shorter period of time. From an administrative standpoint, all data is available at your fingertips whenever you want to go in and see how a student is or isn’t progressing in a certain area. There is no adding up and dividing to find averages over time. There’s no copy and pasting into an excel document to create a nice visual for parents to see. It is literally the click of a button to get a students overall progress on a specified skill and you can do that for each and every target they’re working on. Everything that you have just read is just a glimpse into the ease that utilizing the ABA DrOmnibus app can bring the members of your team.

About the author

Roxanne Malloy, MS BCBA, LBA at Hillcrest Educational Foundation located in Lenox, MA. Holding various positions ranging from a Teacher’s Assistant, a Teacher in a Life Skills classroom with young adults and have been practicing as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since November of 2015.