ABA DrOmnibus


Polish contribution to education and therapy in the US

21 November 2017

Ewa Kochańska

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According to Elena Burch, M.Ed., BCBA, the use of positive reinforcement is an important part of ABA therapy, which is one of the reasons why she recommends the app. ABA DrOmnibus Home rewards children for correct answers with a cheerful fanfare and tokens (collect enough tokens, and you will unlock extra games!). Should a child have trouble answering correctly, the app will give them prompts.

The most interesting part, however, is that the app has helped one of Burch’s patients, a 14-year-old girl with autism. The girl has the developmental abilities of a seven-year-old. After years of therapy, she still had difficulties recognizing emotions based on other people’s facial expressions. For instance, she would approach someone who was busy doing groceries and start an inappropriate conversation. However, with Burch’s careful and patient support and the Emotions game, featured in the app, the girl was able to exercise non-verbal cues and social interactions stress-free.

Burch also likes that ABA DrOmnibus Home automatically collects and saves data about children’s progress. Her professional experience tells her that a behavioral therapy session often “feels like a juggling act of presenting Sd’s [discriminative stimuli], maintaining eye contact with the client, and fumbling with data sheets. All the while (…) trying not to let our knees knock everything over.” And so the app’s automatic data collection is a welcome feature, as it helps her save valuable time.