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In July, we went to Silicon Valley for a two-week bootcamp that started our several-month cooperation with Google as part of Launchpad Accelerator. The workload was intense: we worked on our product and business model and learned about new technologies, tools, feedback, and networking on an unprecedented level. This included conversations with leading industry experts and startups from all continents and talks featuring global authorities.

Since the program lasts six months, our cooperation with Google continues. We keep in touch constantly, and Google supports us through consultations, tools, and promotion. The cooperation has really started to go far beyond a simple accelerator program. We have been talking with the different divisions of the industry giant Mountain View about our plans for the future and joint projects, which we hope to start with the new year! Importantly for us, Google has acknowledged our engagement, as you can see in a talk Jason Titus, VP of Google, gave during the opening of the Google Developer Days conference. You can watch the talk here:

DrOmnibus in the US

Our visit to Google was not our only trip to the US this year. We also attended several conferences, most notably including the annual ABA Convention. ABA, which underlies DrOmnibus technology, is considered to be the most effective approach in autism therapy. It is also the most popular approach in the US, with insurers covering its costs in most states. The meeting provided us with much-needed feedback, as well as contacts.

We have received a lot of very positive reviews, which confirmed our belief that the US was the ideal market for us. Of course, we made the decision to enter the American market and focus on professionals (i.e., behavioral therapists) based not only on the feedback we had received, but also on deep research that took us most of 2017.

Thus, we have officially began large-scale operations on the American market. We already have our first overseas clients and active users. We managed to find valuable partners who test our solution and promote it.

We are beginning scientific research with prominent behavioral centers in the US. And most importantly for us, we regularly get more and more information about how our tool changes the course of therapy for children with autism. One such story has been published on the largest BCBA website in the US.

The last few months have also brought many new additions to our latest product. ABA DrOmnibus currently features several dozen games (which translates into several thousand therapeutic tasks) with difficulty level that adjusts automatically to each child’s skills and progress, a progress-tracking system with statistics, and a brand-new functionality called Therapy Plus, which lets you link therapy between home and your child’s therapy center through the app. We are already working on new functionalities based primarily on feedback from the best experts in the US. Suggestions from therapists are always of great help, but we also love getting feedback from the kids themselves  watch Chris, a 5-year-old boy with autism, test our app:

“I really like the app! I am a BCBA in the US and have piloted it with several children. My first attempt saw the child correctly discriminating the number 1 within only a few minutes of using the app. I’ve worked with this child for some time and this was not something he was exposed to prior. Great work to you and your team!” – reads the message we got from therapist Craig Marrer.

A scientific study conducted at the Pedagogical University in Krakow has found that ABA DrOmnibus improves the results of therapy for all studied skills, thus confirming the effectiveness of the app. The study was conducted with a group of 70 children with intellectual disabilities, including autism.

The next step we are already preparing for are clinical trials, followed by FDA approval. Our goal for the upcoming years? For ABA DrOmnibus to become the first software as a drug for children with autism on the market.

DrOmnibus on the rise

We are extremely happy to have received all the recommendations and positive opinions. Interest from the industry translates into our user base and sales. At the time of writing, over 2500 children have access to our tools, primarily in the pro version, which means that they use the tools during therapy or at school. Our revenue keeps increasing almost on a weekly basis, and everything, and we are well on our way to tripling our last year’s result.

We also won a few very prestigious awards: we reached the New Europe 100 ranking as a rising star of technology, we are among the top 10 promising companies in the Global EdTech Startup Awards 2017, the largest contest for startups in the world, and our solution has been recognized as the best Application without Barriers. In addition, our CEO Bogumiła Matuszewska-Wojtyła is one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 2017.

We were proud to represent Polish startups during the royal couple’s visit to Poland and during a meeting with the President of Poland as part of the international Startups in the Palace event.

We continue to grow and expand our operations, and we cannot wait to see what the new year brings us!

by Bogumiła Matuszewska-Wojtyła, CEO DrOmnibu