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Our app helps children overcome difficulties

31 May 2017

Ewa Kochańska

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Report from observations: our ABA DrOmnibus app has helped 15 children from a primary school in Gdansk to develop.

The children began by playing games that taught them particular themes: colours, shapes, fruits, vegetables, digits, emotions, occupations, animals and parts of the body. This form of education caught their attention right from the start, and they had great fun using the app. ‘The games add variety to our classes and allow the children to overcome difficulties’, Anna Meslin, the school’s resident psychologist, tells us. ‘Distinguishing fruits, occupations or emotions on a basic level is now a piece of cake for them’.

Once the students have mastered playing the games in the Learning mode, it was time to move on to the Improvement mode.

‘Now, the children work with the advanced version of the games to solidify what they’ve learned. They are highly attentive when playing, and show a lot of good humour’, says Anna.

The children have no trouble using the app. They play the games on laptops, and their teacher often displays the games on an interactive whiteboard so that everyone can see their friends doing the exercises.

We can’t wait for the next report on our cooperation, which has also become good fun 🙂

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