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Openness and courage in education

5 June 2017

Ewa Kochańska

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Thanks to the goodwill of the centre’s Director, Barbara Szewczyk, and its employees, especially Karina Mróz-Owczarzak, children with SEND are now able to use our apps and educational materials.

Active participation in joint projects, creating new ideas, expertise and personal engagement all allow us to aid parents, teachers and specialist in their work with children and achieve further successes on the road to the children’s independence.

To give you an example: during the Equal in Diversity 2016 social campaign, the centre’s staff had carried out our lesson plan entitled ‘Why We Are All Different’ in 78 classes in the Żnin region, this way integrating children around the subject of passion and showing them how diversity can enrich us and bring us together in group work. Karina’s report from the initiative and her presentation during the ‘Methods and Didactic Aids for Children with SEND’ conference, held in 2016 at the Teacher’s Education Centre in Gdańsk and dedicated for early primary education teachers who worked with children with SEND, showed that the students who participated in the lessons had many positive emotions and creative ideas. Karina’s experience and suggestions also contribute to our currently planned projects for the second edition of the campaign (September 2017).

Barbara and Karina are both engaged in the innovative project related to Inclusive Education that we call ‘observation’, in which a child is given a tablet with our educational and therapeutic app to use during therapy sessions at the center and at home.

The innovative approach we are testing involves:

  •  Firstly, the incorporation of modern technologies into education in the form of tablets and a mobile app based on behavioral and educational therapy (recognition and generalization within 10 subjects);
  • Secondly, a combination of education and therapy at the center and at home (a single tool and shared subjects: the parent follows up on the therapeutic exercises their child has done at the center simply by using the tablet with the app);
  • Thirdly, co-directional educational and therapeutic work on the part of specialists and parents that is done at the same time, using the same tool and with the same length of exercises as at the center.

Without the openness and courage to take on unusual challenges on the part of the Director and staff of the Pedagogical and Psychological Advisory Centre in Żnin, we wouldn’t be able to provide this aid to children, who, we believe, only stand to gain from our cooperation and progress on their road to independence in adult life.

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