ABA DrOmnibus


As technology advances, so do the tools used in the therapy of children with special educational needs. DrOmnibus Inclusive Education is a proven solution that supports therapy involving modern technologies.  Thanks to our app, a therapist will no longer have to divide his or her attention between observing the patient and maintaining documentation. DrOmnibus Inclusive Education is nearly fully automatic! All this to help the therapist focus on the child.

DrOmnibus Inclusive Education features a set of therapeutic games and a system that collects data about the therapy. Along with the tool, you are given access to free lesson plans that will show you how to combine modern tools with other therapeutic aids.

Our games allow children to learn and improve their basic skills. Individualised gameplay means that each child can learn to recognise and distinguish digits from 0 to 9, colours, shapes, fruits, vegetables, animals, parts of the body, emotions, and occupations at a pace adjusted to his or her own needs.

The therapist can access a panel that shows automatically-generated overviews of everyone’s progress. You no longer need to waste time on paperwork in order to keep track of your patients’ results! You are also able to take notes about each child, which helps you keep all the relevant documentation in one place. The system also automatically adjusts the difficulty to each child’s level of skill to allow for a precise and systematic progress control.

DrOmnibus Inclusive Education is one of the world’s first tools that fully incorporate Applied Behaviour Analysis in the form of child-friendly apps.

How does DrOmnibus Inclusive Education support progress in therapy?

  • During play, children collect tokens, which they can later exchange for extra games;

  • Only positive reinforcement is applied;

  • The app uses errorless teaching;

  • Children’s motivation is enhanced.

DrOmnibus Inclusive Education is recommended for behavioural therapy and for therapists who use eclectic methods. The tool provides easy access to one of the most popular therapeutic methods throughout the world.

What do you get?

A tool that fully implements the Applied Behaviour Analysis method;Access to data on each child’s effectiveness and progress within the skills he or she is learning;

The ability to store all information about each child in one place;

More time to observe the patients during therapy;

Sets of tasks in which the level of difficulty is automatically adjusted to each child’s needs and capabilities.

Many child development centres, schools and therapy centres already take advantage of DrOmnibus Inclusive Education. The tool has been thoroughly tested and has gained recognition in the therapeutic environment.