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Meet Irum and Adnan and their special needs sons

5 March 2018

Natalia Iwan

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Irum is Rabia’s school friend. She got married to her cousin at the age of 17. Irum’s first son is diagnosed with ASD and 2nd son is diagnosed with Global Development Delay. Due to lack of understanding and education in Pakistan Irum had a hard time dealing with his 2 special needs sons.

Rabia and Irum got reconnected to each other on Facebook after 10 years. Irum and Rabia shared their stories. Ever since Rabia is helping Irum with resources and training. Irum and her husband applied for immigration to the USA for the Management of special needs of their children.

Rabia introduced DrOmnibus app to Irum. She is using this app with her younger son.

Rabia started in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in 2006 while living in Pakistan.  She worked with children for seven years there, while earning her Master’s degree.  However, the limited training and practice opportunities, combined with her passion for helping children, lead her to seek out training in the U.S.  Since 2013, she has resided in Silicon Valley where she provides ABA services across a variety of settings.  Her long-term vision is to pursue a Ph.D. in behavior analysis and to help grow the field of ABA both in the U.S. and in Pakistan.

She joined the DrOmnibus team as an external consultant tasked with field-testing user experiences of the ABA DrOmnibus App across an international sample of parents.  She solicited parents’ feedback on what they liked most about the app and how to further refine the interface to maximize learning gains in their children.   The result is the development of an app noted for its ease of use by therapists and parents.  The intuitive design and simple jargon-free language allow parents to run the app independently with very minimal training.

Rabia’s work has also culminated in a guide for therapists.