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Meet Aldryn from Blainville, Quebec

5 March 2018

Natalia Iwan

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Alberto lives with his wife and son in Blainville, Quebec. The family moved there looking for opportunities and better living. Alberto’s wife was the first of the family to move to Canada, working as a live-in caregiver in Montreal. This position entitled her to sponsor her husband for 2 years and eventually earn a permanent residency. After 10 years of waiting to join his wife in Canada, the family is happy to be together at last.

Although the family enjoys living Canada, they have met challenges finding therapy for their son, Aldryn, who has Autism. The waitlists in Canada for ABA therapy supported by the government are extremely long. The only way for Alberto and his wife to provide therapy for their son is to go through a private clinic. However, the higher cost of $40-65 per hour is difficult for them to afford, so Aldryn only receives 2 hours of therapy per week. They have used their savings so that their son can receive the help he needs.

After almost two years of private therapy, Aldryn is making major improvements. They are currently looking to begin speech therapy and enroll Aldryn in school that supports children with Autism. Aldryn’s therapist recommends an all English school, his parents pulled him out of his bilingual preschool and are looking for a suitable and affordable alternative. Alberto’s wife has left her job to care for her son at home full-time.

With clinical therapy being so expensive, Alberto and his wife searched for other ways to help their son. This brought them to the DrOmnibus App.  Using the 10 day trial period, they are finding the application extremely helpful. Alberto says, “I just love the Overview or Report, as you can see he shows interest in vegetable and fruits. He already started playing the other categories, too.” He hopes to extend his account to allow his son to continue this fun form of therapy at home.