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Introducing ABA to an app: interview with Łukacz Prochwicz

12 January 2018

Ewa Kochańska

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Łukasz talked about his contribution to the development of our ABA DrOmnibus app. In Łukasz’s opinion, the app is especially useful to those parents of children with ASD who—because they live too far away from therapy centers and therapists or because they simply can’t afford therapy—don’t have access to behavioral intervention. The app’s usefulness lies in the fact that the system simulates ABA-based therapy by employing positive-only reinforcement (rewards and praise), avoiding any unnecessary visuals or sounds that could distract a child, and adding variety to the learning process with relaxing games offered as a reward.

What’s more, Łukasz also helps us expand the app’s attractiveness from the viewpoint of the therapist: in addition to the already-available functionality that lets you combine therapy help at a center with therapy held at home, we plan to add features such as an extensive database of educational resources and exercises that will make it easier to personalize therapy sessions, or a system that will allow therapists, parents, and children work together in real time. These new functionalities will be particularly useful to those therapists who spend a significant amount of time traveling to their patients.