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Improved education with ABA DrOmnibus: meet Therapy Plus

9 November 2017

Ewa Kochańska

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Therapists and parents of children with autism who used the DrOmnibus app were able to learn and improve different elements by logging into a child’s account with their data. The account was linked to only one person, either a therapist or a parent. Any information about the child’s progress and particular sessions held at an institution and at home was recorded separately on the parent’s and the therapist’s accounts.

It’s time for a change! Improve the effectiveness of education and therapy!

In addition to access to a multimedia tool based on the well-established Applied Behaviour Analysis, child-friendly setting, graphics, and sounds, and a prompting system, you’ll be able to combine educational and therapeutic sessions held at an institution and at home, and – as a therapist – send your patients tasks to do at home. Parents and therapists will also be able to communicate using an internal mailbox in the app’s panel.

The same app. The same games. Two places for education and therapy. Combined progress in both. Shared monitoring and statistics. Independent accounts for therapists and parents.

Do you want to improve the effectiveness of education and therapy?

Try the Therapy Plus out for free!