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“I’m here to play on your tablets!”: how we test our product

2 November 2016

Ewa Kochańska

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Mati, 8-year-old boy with ASD, is starting his therapy assisted by the ABA DrOmnibus app.

‘Hi, Mati!’

‘Hi! I’m here to play on your tablets.’

‘That’s great, Mati! Let’s begin!’

This coversation started Mati’s therapy, led by Agnieszka Kolbiarz-Juszczak at the Hippotherapy Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities. Mati is an 8‑year‑old boy with autism spectrum disorders and is one of the testers for our games. We can rely on his to let us know if he finds anything unsatisfactory in our games.

During his individual therapy sessions, Mati works with DrOmnibus products on a regular basis. This time, he trained his skills by playing Digits, Emotions and Colours. He was assisted in identifying the correct emotion by his teddy bear, who never leaves Mati’s side. When Mati was playing the Digits game, he joked that he was just 3 years old. He also told us about situations where we may feel a particular emotion. For instance, he said that we can feel disgusted after eating raw fish, yuck!

Mati also liked our extra reward games, especially popping the balloons!