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He’s different because he likes only us

8 June 2017

Ewa Kochańska

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What is it like to have a sibling with Down syndrome, Asperger syndrome or autism? How does disability affect the lives of siblings? What problems do they have to face? What do their everyday lives look like?

What do you remember about your brother’s birth?

Marek (5): I remember taking care of him.

What changed after your brother was born?

He was small, so you needed to take care of him all the time.

Tell us about your brother.

My brother is nice. I like him very much and I love him. I’d like to play with him. He’s so tiny. I want to take care of him. To help him walk so that he doesn’t fall over. Przemek is different because he likes only us…

What is the most difficult part of your relationship with your brother?

He can’t play. I want to play tiger with him. He understands a lot, but he doesn’t talk.

What makes it easier for you in difficult situations?

My mummy helps me.

If you could, what would you change about your brother?

I’d like him to play with me.

Marek’s parents talk about how they try to help their son:

  • We teach him to be tolerant about otherness;
  • We talk a lot with him and explain why Przemek behaves so strange;
  • We go with Marek to places he chooses himself;
  • We talk about what being a brother is about and what’s important in such relationships;
  • He does small art projects that help him relax;
  • We go to the cinema to watch films of his choice;
  • On some days, we let him decide what he wants to do with mum or dad.

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