Over 5000 tasks

Automatic individualisation of tasks

A prompting mechanism and a reward system

Progress Overviews

Appealing graphics and soft sounds

A verified method

Games that are adjusted to the perception capabilities of children and teach them to distinguish emotions, parts of the body, digits, shapes, colours, animals and sounds

A tool that fully implements Applied Behaviour Analysis

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Tasks in which the level of difficulty is adjusted to the capabilities and needs of children

Automatic overviews that show each child’s progress

Access to a tool that has been developed by experts and tested in therapy centres

My wife and son are always at home. Since my son was diagnosed with ASD, my wife have to give up her job to focus in helping my son. We pull him out from the day care because as per his psychologist he has to be in English school. But we can’t afford private schools and it is really hard to get a spot to public English schools – still in waiting list. That’s why my wife an I are trying to find ways to help our son and DrOmnibus App is really helpful. And I just love the Overview or Report, as you can see he shows interest in vegetable and fruits. He already started playing the other category too.

At first glance Dylan will love it. From seeing him watching intently. He is clicking himself on the animal one now. So, we think he will be happy with this app. So, from what we see from Dylan now he loves your DrOmnibus app, as he is smiling and poking on each number, shape, animal when prompted for each of those categories. It’s great you have the animal sounds for that category too.

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David Fawcett

A blogger, father, author of the book „A spectrum of light”

Our 4-year-old son has been using the app for five months now, almost every day. It has helped him to develop his ability to recognise emotions. He now knows when to say ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘Thank you’, and his favourite game is ‘The Farm’.

Father of an autistic child, Paweł


Dromnibus-Inclusive Education is a delightful app that motivates and supports learning in an efficient and friendly way. Specifically made for children with developmental delay and autism, the app supports children following Applied Behaviour Analysis programs. The user interface is child-friendly and extremely easy to navigate. The app is nicely sectioned into relevant categories like; cognitive, mathematical, nature and social. Dromnibus-Inclusive Education can adjust the level of prompt depending on the ability of the child which is excellent for personalised support and differentiation.


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£24,99 / month

3 months – 1 learner

£19,90 / month

1 year – 1 learner

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Available for: tablets (Android and iOS), PCs, and interactive whiteboards