10 different games

Various levels of difficulty

Prompting mechanism

Progress overviews

Appealing graphics and soft sounds

Lesson plans

Games that are adjusted to the perception capabilities of children and teach them to Distinguish emotions, parts of the body, digits, shapes, colours, animals and sounds

A tool that fully implements Applied Behaviour Analysis

Tasks in which the level of difficulty is adjusted to the capabilities and needs of children

Automatic overviews that show each child’s progress

On-going monitoring of each child’s level of skill

Access to a tool that has been developed by experts and tested in therapy centres

Our 4-year-old son has been using the app for five months now, almost every day. It has helped him to develop his ability to recognise emotions. He now knows when to say ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘Thank you’, and his favourite game is ‘The Farm’.

Father of an autistic child, Paweł


I’ve just been testing DrOmnibus with my little assistants, and they love it. All of the children are either autistic or have developmental disorders. The games are great – they have good animation and music, as well as different levels of difficulty. So in other words, everyone can find something suitable for themselves 🙂 The kids are even helping me to learn more about the app.

The apps are a great and feature well-designed options for all children, as well as being a perfect aid for children with motor or intellectual dysfunctions, including multiple dysfunctions. They are also the perfect addition to the currently-available tools. Congratulations on this development!

Justyna Puchałka-Stecyk

Special Needs Speech Therapist

This is an excellent idea! Your games are among the few that meet the needs of my patients with dysfunctions, and I’ve been looking for a good application of this type for a long time.

Marianna Karczmarczyk

Psychologist, MAJA Association of Families and Friends of Persons with Severe Disabilities

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25 accounts


Available for tablets (Android and iOS)