Comprehensive ABA tool for child therapy: exercises and statistics

7000 tasks (36 games) that teach Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) children to distinguish emotions and learn colors, shapes, numbers, animals, and much more, based on ABA and designed to increase significant skills in language, attention, and comprehension.

Motivate children for therapy

Sophisticated prompting and a fun, colorful interface, created specifically for ASD children to help them advance quickly and to complement their ongoing ABA therapy. Built-in verbal and token reinforcer system in which children can exchange tokens for engaging games, encouraging participation and enjoyment. Children love it!

Saving your time: have more time for other activities

Therapists and teachers can review reports, which are generated automatically after each session, to assess each child’s skills and development. Automatic progress tracking, reporting, and statistics give you more time to exchange comments and notes with other therapists and do other activities.

 Improved effectiveness of therapy

The Therapy Plus functionality lets you invite parents for cooperation and continue therapy sessions with ABA DrOmnibus at a child’s home. You are able to assign homework, follow a child’s progress, and share messages with parents through the app.

1 month

$24.99 / month per child

3 months

$19.99 / month per child

12 months

$12.99 / month per child

Available for tablets (Android and iOS)