Dylan seems fascinated with clicking on each picture repetitively in each of your many important categories, listening to the vocal prompts and related sounds, and he seems to be understanding better each day what to do. We found the app voice to be soothing for him, and we feel your app is great as it is not too easy or too complex for him, but perfect for him for his abilities and limitations at his developmental age.

Overall, my wife and I would highly recommend your DrOmnibus app, as Dylan seems to very much enjoy it and seems to be learning from it.

We feel your educational and therapeutic app could be an invaluable to for many preschoolers and Kindergarteners, and for special needs children of higher age too, so thanks for creating such a wonderful app. It will make our jobs as parents educating our child funnier, easier and more rewarding.

Thank You.

David and Antonia

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