We support ABA Autism therapy at home to help your child reach their full potential. Experience the ABA DrOmnibus Home, and see for yourself how quickly your child can acquire valuable skills and have fun!  

The therapy is available everywhere: at home, at school, and on holidays. Everyone can use it, as all you need is a tablet, a laptop, or a PC.

Learn about the ABA DrOmnibus Resource Application: all-in-one tool focusing on resources for ABA therapy. The ABA DrOmnibus App is not just another Data Collection System.

It combines:

  • Resources
  • ABA therapy Procedures with Real Time Data Collection
  • Reports after each session
  • Progress Monitoring and support for Teletherapy.

Dromnibus-Inclusive Education is a delightful app that motivates and supports learning in an efficient and friendly way. Specifically made for children with developmental delay and autism, the app supports children following Applied Behaviour Analysis programs. The user interface is child-friendly and extremely easy to navigate. The app is nicely sectioned into relevant categories like; cognitive, mathematical, nature and social. Dromnibus-Inclusive Education can adjust the level of prompt depending on the ability of the child which is excellent for personalised support and differentiation.


The Home of Educational Apps

At first glance Dylan will love it. From seeing him watching intently. He is clicking himself on the animal one now. So, we think he will be happy with this app. So, from what we see from Dylan now he loves your DrOmnibus app, as he is smiling and poking on each number, shape, animal when prompted for each of those categories. It’s great you have the animal sounds for that category too.

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David Fawcett

A blogger, father, author of the book „A spectrum of light”

My wife and son are always at home. Since my son was diagnosed with ASD, my wife have to give up her job to focus in helping my son. We pull him out from the day care because as per his psychologist he has to be in English school. But we can’t afford private schools and it is really hard to get a spot to public English schools – still in waiting list. That’s why my wife an I are trying to find ways to help our son and DrOmnibus App is really helpful. And I just love the Overview or Report, as you can see he shows interest in vegetable and fruits. He already started playing the other category too.

The app was very simple to use and setting up individual students was quick and easy. The look and feel of the software is appealing and child-friendly and if difficulties should arise, straightforward prompts are built in to guide children through the process. For teachers, there is the ability to collate progress data into a graph for each child, so that progress can be monitored. We would buy this product as it stands today.


National Association of Special Educational Needs

Harry is really enjoying it. I think the listening ones are excellent as that is a skill he really struggles with and he thought it was brilliant. He is really responding well to the feeling of achievement it gives him. The one thing I really noticed too was his wanting to talk to me about it every step of the way, other apps have never prompted this response from him.

Kelly Towler

Harry’s mother

The pupils practice recognizing shapes and jobs. The exercises are completed with games that improve eye-hand coordination and motor skills. Attractive graphics and nice voice over promote school work and learning as well as encourage the child to do exercises. The boy is focused, although he usually has problems concentrating.

Jolanta Okuniewska

Teacher in the Primary School no. 13 in Olsztyn. In the schoolyear 2012/2013, she received the Award of the Minister of National Education for her educational work and achievements; participant of the finals of the international Global Teacher Prize competition (Oct 2015)

Our children liked the DrOmnibus Inclusive Education Application, and they keenly did the tasks, also because of the usual principle of getting tokens for correct performance, which they know from everyday therapy.

Institute for Child Development in Gdansk

Institute for Child Development in Gdansk

The idea of the application, awarding system (the child enjoyed getting tokens) and the tasks in the games are certainly suitable for children with developmental disorders of the autism spectrum. The categories of games, system of awards and levels of difficulty are wonderfully adapted for children with ASD.

Iwona Zawadzka

Patryk’s mother


Alex works with our app together with his mom and his behavioral therapist. His speech therapist and the pre-school he attends join in as well, allowing him to play the app as a reward. Even though Alex’s first steps in our app were difficult, the boy is more and more eager to play the games. […]

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How does Alex work with DrOmnibus App?

Alex is an autistic 5-year-old boy. He was diagnosed very early – he was only 1.5. Today, together with his mother and behavioral therapist, he begins working with the DrOmnibus app. The boy knows the Turkish alphabet and can count in Hungarian, but has problems handling everyday situations. Let us tell you his story. Alex’s […]

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Learning can be funnier, easier and more rewarding

Our 5 year old autistic nonverbal son Dylan now has tried your DrOminbus app for almost a week, and he absolutely loves it! Although Dylan has about eighty different learning apps on his IPad, your app is the one he now wants to play all day long with. As soon as he gets up in […]

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Openness and courage in education

The Pedagogical and Psychological Advisory Centre in Żnin is one of many facilities that DrOmnibus has successfully cooperated with to provide support for children with SEND and their parents. Thanks to the goodwill of the centre’s Director, Barbara Szewczyk, and its employees, especially Karina Mróz-Owczarzak, children with SEND are now able to use our apps […]

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Anthony has made progress, and now functions better in a group

When Anthony began his work with the ABA DrOmnibus app, he almost never talked, only answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to questions from his teacher. If he was feeling particularly lively, he would sometimes say a few sentences. However, he never talked with his peers, even though he showed willingness to play with them. The boy also […]

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Children overcome difficulties by using our app

Fifteen children from the Primary School No. 27 in Gdańsk continue learning with the ABA DrOmnibus app. You can already see the effects. The children began by playing games that taught them particular themes: colours, shapes, fruits, vegetables, digits, emotions, occupations, animals and parts of the body. This form of education caught their attention right […]

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Alex is entranced by the app

Alexa is a 5-year-old boy who has autism. We’ve been introduced to him by his therapist who specialises in special needs and behavioural therapy, and uses Applied Behaviour Analysis in her work with children with SEND. Because Alex is interested in new technologies, she decided that joining the DrOmnibus observation project would be an excellent idea. […]

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15 children from a primary school in Gdańsk begin working with our app

The Primary School No. 27 in Gdańsk has recently celebrated its 70th birthday. The school has always made the effort to meet the expectations of children and their parents and to respond to new challenges related to educational needs. Today, 339 children aged 5–12 learn in 15 classes. Teachers and guidance counsellors carry out special […]

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