ABA DrOmnibus


My name is Roxanne Malloy, MS BCBA, LBA and I was recently given the opportunity to work as a consultant for DrOmnibus, who has developed an educational, user friendly App known as ABA DrOmnibus. Though this App is targeted for children between the ages of 3-6, it can be utilized with children on the spectrum of various functioning levels and has 7,000 tasks that teach individuals with ASD. These tasks include identifying colors, distinguishing between sounds in the environment to increase awareness, identifying emotions and much more. What I found most beneficial about this App is that even if you are not a parent to a child with a diagnosis of ASD, this App can be utilized with your child to teach them fundamental skills in various areas while giving you as a parent the downtime that you very well need day to day. With the rise in technology throughout the world, this is a great way to allow your child access to a device that generally has reinforcing value while using an App that teaches necessary skills simultaneously.

To better get to know this App, I worked myself through one of the many available lessons that fell under the “Sounds” category. The sounds were ones that you would primarily hear within a home setting. Learning to identify various sounds increases an individual’s awareness of their environment which is a primary component in ensuring ones safety. In the DrOmnibus App, various sounds are paired with a verbal cue of “What sound is this?” or “What makes this sound?” Following the verbal discriminative stimulus an array of photos are displayed on the screen so that the user can identify the object that makes the sound. As the learner progresses through the lesson, more stimuli are added to the array which is also common practice in ABA. Throughout the lesson, I would purposely identify the wrong object or wait an extended period of time before answering. In the event that I identified the incorrect object, the App would provide a visual prompt that would highlight the correct item. If I continued to make the wrong choice, it would first display a visual of a finger pointing to the right response, and then remove all incorrect stimuli from the environment and increase the size of the correct item. This common element in ABA is also known as errorless teaching. Once the correct stimulus was identified, reinforcement was delivered immediately and a correction trial was completed.

In applied behavior analysis, reinforcement is a key element in increasing correct responding and/or desired behavior. The delivery of reinforcement makes it more likely that an individual will respond appropriately in the future. The DrOmnibus App delivers reinforcement immediately following correct responding and gradually increases the ratio in which it is delivered based on the progress of the learner throughout the lesson. The reinforcers are delivered in the form of tokens and appear visually on the screen for the learner to see. Once all tokens are earned, the learner is then rewarded with a screen that delivers confetti and music following with an array of different games the learner can play for a short period of time. This occurs despite where the learner is at within the lesson and ensures that lessons are quick as well as the delivery of rapid reinforcement.

By working in the field of behavior analysis for the last 5 years, I have come to appreciate the various forms of data collection and graphs, but have also learned to appreciate when all is completed paperless. The ABA DrOmnibus App monitors the progress of each individual and completes all of the tedious work that many behavior analysts have spent hours doing in the past, such as making up data sheets, identifying prompt hierarchy’s for students, calculating averages and graphing. The App graphs progress immediately and allows the parent/caregiver access so that they can also monitor the progress along the way.

The ABA DrOmnibus App is something that could not only be utilized across people and settings, but also used to make progress towards meeting goals on an Individualized Education Plan. If you’re a teacher in an academic setting and often experience the side effects of having low staffing numbers, the ABA DrOmnibus App is essentially like having an extra teaching assistant in the classroom without having to watch over them each day, making sure that they are implementing programs as written. From another perspective, many parents struggle with making time for themselves at the end of a busy work day because they are concerned that their child is spending too much time on their iPads and may often feel guilty that it may not all be beneficial for the child. Utilizing the ABA DrOmnibus App would allow you some of that personal time that every parent requires, but would also give you peace of mind knowing that your child is learning essential skills that will be beneficial in the long term. For more information on this App, you can visit http://www.dromnibus.com/.

written by Roxanne Malloy