ABA DrOmnibus


It was at the Hippotherapy for Rehabilitation Foundation for Children with Disabilities where the first innovative projects of Bogumiła Matuszewska-Wojtyła were created, eg.  Fashion Without Limits, which nowadays is an educational program for people with disabilities, to help create their own image, overcome negative stereotypes and also make deep internal changes which are the foundation for further development.

At the same time, the idea of supporting children with intellectual disabilities arose through the use of such a tool, which on the one hand based on reliable scientific research, and on the other hand using modern technologies, will be available without queues to specialists or large budgets.

In addition, it will combine the process of education and child therapy in the institution and at home, but above all, it will be a response to the global problem related to the increase in the number of diagnosed children with autism and access to therapy.

Children with autism are the fastest growing group in terms of the number of diagnoses in the World, based on Centers for Disease Research and Prevention. To maximize the effects of behavioral therapy, a child with autism should start working with an individual therapist as early as possible, 20-40 hours per week. Therapy, however, is often unavailable (low number of specialists) and expensive.

The answer to these problems DrOmnibus developed the ABA DrOmnibus application, which allows you to assess (Baseline) the child’s knowledge and skills to adjust the level of difficulty performed by the child in the application of tasks to his or her individual needs (ABA Programs). The application automatically records the results of the child’s progress and generates reports based on the collected data (Data & Graphs). This app also allows you to continue working with your child at home – thanks to the cooperation of a specialist and a parent, the child can also solve therapeutic tasks outside the institution (Therapy Plus).

The product is still developed in cooperation with an international team of psychologists, therapists, parents and specialists in modern technologies. Resource base, video modeling and ABA Program Manager (programs or create your own program in seconds to personalize a child’s therapy) are coming soon as an integral part of the application.

DrOmnibus actively participates in the ‘Startups’ environment, takes part in events, presentations, meet-ups, to share knowledge and experience, make contacts and also teach. As one of four European companies, it is the winner of the Google Launchpad Accelerator 2017 and the winner of many awards and distinctions.

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