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I’m a board-certified behavior analyst, and worked extensively with autistic children for in-home and center based therapy, as well as was a director for a center-based ABA program in Vermont. Since last August, I have been a consultant for DrOmnibus, and worked with them on the development of the ABA DrOmnibus Pro Therapy Plus version App for ABA therapists and other professionals.

The Pro Therapy Plus version is designed to track a student’s progress, while the student learns basic vocabulary, number identification and how to distinguish emotions on the ABA DrOmnibus App. These reports are accessible between therapists (BCBAs, RBTs and other Specialists) and parents, and helps make homework assignments easier. The student’s statistics are especially useful for creating Early Learning Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals, which further improves the ABA therapy with ASD children.

Since last December, I’ve been using the App with clients, and am excited about the students’ progress, and how much easier my job is using the ABA DrOmnibus Pro Therapy Plus version. As a BCBA therapist, the most important steps are gathering baseline data, developing the programs, and then continuously taking more data to make sure my clients are making adequate progress. All three of the vital components are done for me with this easy to use App.

After the initial baseline test, Julia started with the “Emotions” sessions which she played twice for less than three minutes. According to her mother, Julia did not seem interested in this game so she navigated her to the “Animals” sessions which caught her attention. Julia’s learning took off. She initially tested at 15%. In 8 days she played 84 sessions for 15 minutes on average, and went from Level 1 to Level 4. Then Julia went on to learn numbers and colors over the next month. Julia pre-tested at 45% in Numbers (Basic Learning) and reached level 7 in 36 days over 121 sessions for 3 minutes on average. She also pre-tested at 40% in Colors (Basic Learning) and reached level 6 in 36 days over 145 sessions for 1 minute on average.

Get to know the beginning of Julia’s story, a 6 years old girl with autism that I work with – Using the ABA DrOmnibus App After Initial ABA Therapy and see how the app can help your clients’ therapy. 

Case Study

Julia was diagnosed with severe autism at eighteen months and received ABA in-home treatment. I visited her home twice a week for ongoing ABA therapy. Last September, Julia turned six years old, and enrolled in a center based day program. Three months later, I recommended the ABA DrOmnibus App for Julia and for her mother to implement at home*.

How the Pro Therapy Plus Version Works

Julia’s mother downloaded the ABA DrOmnibus App on her iPad. I added her as a client on my Pro Therapy Plus version in two simple steps–sending an email invitation to Julia’s mother and then she accepted the invitation. We were ready to begin!

Julia started with the testing or baseline phase for each of the App’s categories (colors, shapes, vegetables, etc.). The App adjusted her starting level so that she would be successful right from the beginning. This feature also gave Julia contact with the reinforcer quickly. Her favorite cash-in is the colorful popping bubbles game.

The sessions gradually became more difficult to increase her receptive vocabulary, and learn other important skills like feature, function and class. If Julia makes or gives a wrong answer, the program will automatically go to errorless learning until she knows that word or can do that skill 100% of the time.

When I am training new registered behavior technicians how to make corrections for our clients, it can take weeks of practice and modeling for them to learn how to adjust to incorrect answers. DrOmnibus has this feature built into the App. What a timesaver!

As Julia plays on the App, I can immediately go to my reports to see how she is progressing through the levels. All of her data is clearly shown and graphed for me! Then I use this data to develop programming for her school, and give other assignments for her family to work on with Julia to further generalize her skills. Moreover, I use these graphs to write reports and submit documentation for the insurance companies. It’s a snap to take a screenshot of the graph, insert it into my document, and then write my analysis. If only the rest of my documentation were that easy!

Needless to say, I am so glad I found DrOmnibus. The App is not only engaging for my clients but it saves me hours of work. The ABA DrOmnibus Pro Therapy Plus version has definitely become a staple in my program planning.

Julia’s Number Identification Graph

Elena Burch– ABA Therapist, BCBA certified, successfully helping parents and their autistic children live a better life.