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They spend countless hours in therapy, with most ABA intensive programs requiring 40 hours per week. These children work incredibly hard to learn things many people take advantage of. Let us bring attention to and honor their hard work and determination.

Julia – the ABA DrOmnibus App at home to supplement her learning!

At 6 years old, Julia is an energetic child who loves running, jumping on trampolines, and dancing to music. She attends a center-based ABA program and uses the ABA DrOmnibus App at home to supplement her learning. Initially, Julia had a very difficult time sitting still, focusing on tasks, and learning vocabulary. After eight months of intensive therapy, Julia’s vocabulary reached over fifty words and she could sit at a desk and use a tablet for educational purposes.

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Anthony is more eager to go to school and his behavior is improved!

Not so long ago, Anthony rarely socialized with peers understood social rules or spoke in full sentences. Then he was introduced to the ABA DrOmnibus App. Anthony is allowed to use the application for a 10-15 session during school if he is appropriately socializing with fellow students. After only several weeks, he is more eager to go to school and his behavior is improved, giving him the opportunity to establish closer relationships with his peers.

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5-year-old Arnav is a high functioning, verbal, extremely lovable child with autism. When he was very young, his parents noticed that he never called them “mommy” or daddy” or understood instructions. Soon after they placed him in therapy. At 30 months old, he was completing 40 hours of ABA therapy at home and showing immediate changes. Today, both his communication and social skills are greatly improved. Arnav can follow instructions, call his parents by name, and has the potential to learn even more. You can follow Arnav’s story on his family’s Youtube channel, Little Wonderers-n-us.

Aldryn – find the app extremely helpful!

Aldryn and his family faced challenges finding government supported, affordable autism therapy in Canada. After a long search, he began visiting a private clinic. Although Aldryn has only received 2 hours of ABA therapy per week for the past 2 years, his parents are already seeing major improvements. In order to help him further, his father researched educational applications and found ABA DrOmnibus. They find the app extremely helpful, specifically the Overview and Reports section, in which they can track Aldryn’s progress and interests. His parents are hoping to extend their trial period so that Aldryn can further benefit from this enjoyable way of supplementing therapy.

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Alex – using the ABA DrOmnibus App for autism therapy in hopes of motivating him to learn and teaching him to be patient!

Alex leads a busy life at 5 years old; he goes to a speech therapist, special needs teacher, and English classes. About 2 months after his birthday, he was still nonverbal. He also began to scream intensely in the middle of the night. At this point, his mother took Alex to a child psychologist who diagnosed him with autism. When he was 3 years old, he began going to an ABA preschool. Six months later, Alex stopped screaming. He can now say the Turkish alphabet and count in Hungarian. The young boy has recently begun using the ABA DrOmnibus App in hopes of motivating him to learn and teaching him to be patient. He is already very independent when playing the games.

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These five children are among many with ASD. According to the CDC, 1 in 68 children is born with the disorder. National Autism Awareness Month gives us the opportunity to promote awareness and acceptance while drawing attention to the many people affected by autism worldwide.  


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About the author:

Amber Tanski is a Content Marketing Specialist for DrOmnibus, a company creating  ABA DrOmnibus – Resources App – All in one tool with a direct focus on resources for therapy, including baseline assessment, in-built and personalized ABA programs, graphs and video modeling.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Amber has worked with a diverse population through her job as a Line Therapist for young children with Autism, being a Personal Trainer for a girl with Asperger’s Syndrome and working as a Personal Care Assistant for a woman with Muscular Dystrophy. She currently develops content for DrOmnibus utilizing her unique experience.