A new book, Pieces of a Puzzle, written by author, Howard C. Perkins (illustrated by HH-Pax), colorfully shows four stories, focused on children who are on the autism spectrum. The stories feature four, ethnically diverse children, who have been diagnosed with ASD and their daily interactions with family, friends, and the world. The four stories, Building Boundaries; How to Make Friends; Our Own World; and Where are the Words?,  tell a unique story and show that autism is truly a spectrum disorder. They help show kids on the spectrum that being different is not bad, we are all different.

Perkins, a special education teacher, decided to write the book to help his students “know about friends they made”. He says “just seeing my students live their lives day to day, certain barriers I see them overcome or have trouble with. Then I say, I wish that others could understand this more”. He hopes the book reaches people who are familiar or unfamiliar with spectrum disorders. “I have found these children to be wonderful and positive influences on my life and believe that this book will have a similar effect on them” says Perkins. He plans to release other books based on these four characters!


book website: http://piecesofapuzzlebook.com/

article source: http://www.autismdailynewscast.com/interview-howard-c-perkins-on-autism-book-pieces-of-a-puzzle/16442/joworgan/

photo: http://piecesofapuzzlebook.com/