All DrOmnibus products that support the education and therapy of children with special needs are available in both Polish and English language versions, which allows us to present these products on other markets. The first country where we have decided to showcase our tools is Great Britain. In June 2016, we took part in a prestigious event dedicated to the special education environment, in particular, to solutions designed for persons with autism spectrum disorders.

The event in question was The Autism Show, a conference for teachers and parents who are interested in tools, educational aids and solutions that are designed for children with special educational needs and available on-line. The show was also attended by private schools that take into account children with special needs in their educational offer.

At The Autism Show, we presented DrOmnibus Inclusive Education, an educational and therapeutic app. Our booth attracted many visitors, who were interested in our solutions, characters from our games, the ‘Colours’ game and other educational materials. We also announced the launch of the product for this autumn.

During the conference, we exchanged contacts with organisations and institutions that we will cooperate with in the coming weeks: ABA Tutorship (an organisation for ABA therapists), interested parents and teachers and NASEN (an organisation for special education professionals, such as therapists, head teachers, teachers, or SENCOs). Our cooperation with NASEN begins with the testing of our product. This will provide us with an effectiveness report for DrOmnibus Inclusive Education.

At ABA Tutorship, we meet specialists who will take part in a course on how to use DrOmnibus Inclusive Education, so that they can work with the app on their own and help interested parents and therapists learn about the app, its capabilities and effectiveness in everyday work with children.

‘Cooperation with our partners from the British market is important for DrOmnibus’s strategy of operations. These are our first steps with DrOmnibus Inclusive Education on the global educational and therapeutic market. We are addressing special education environments that promote solutions combining new technologies and therapeutic methods designed for working with children with special educational needs’, says Michał Ryś, co-founder of DrOmnibus.

As part of cooperation with DrOmnibus, our partners will test our app, helping its development, provide testimonials and participate in the sales of the product.

If you are interested in cooperation, feel free to contact us.

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