DrOmnibus and Harimata together! We have formed a partnership whose aim is to create a tool to automate the measurement of progress in the therapy of children with behavior and development disorders. It is going to operate on the basis of the analysis of tablet use and the way the kids play the specially designed games.

You must all know by know what we are working on at DrOmnibus – we are creating a modern and comprehensive tool to support children’s  therapy. Our solution consists of tablet games, a child progress tracking system and  a therapist’s organizer. Our friends from Harimata are developing a neural network-based system supporting the early diagnosis of developmental disorders. We saw the potential in establishing cooperation and decided to create together a unique tool, which will not only assist in the diagnosis of children but also keep track of their behavior, progress and development path throughout the duration of therapy.

Despite the fact that our solution already has its own child development tracking system implemented, we wish to constantly develop it and to fully automate the measurement of progress in therapy. That’s why we’re happy that together with Harimata we can build a tool which will be a natural continuation of the path that we have chosen at the beginning of our work. We believe that its creation will be a milestone on the road of diagnosis and children therapy planning.

Research on the implementation of the new system and tests with the use of tablet games created in DrOmnibus conducted at selected treatment centers are starting now!