ABA DrOmnibus


DrOmnibus invites Partners, institutions, and BCBA therapists, to improve the effectiveness of ABA Therapy by using the ABA APP. Meet the first Partner – Eden II Programs.

About Eden II Programs

In February 2018 DrOmnibus started cooperation with Eden II Programs.

Eden II Program is the not-for-profit organization serves over 500 participants in New York City and Long Island. The mission of Eden II Programs is to support people with autism. They provide it through service, science, and passion, so people with autism may achieve their full potential throughout their lives. Eden II Programs provides a variety of services using the evidence-based principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). Eden II is recognized nationally as a leader in working with individuals across the autism spectrum, including those with the most significant challenges.

The aim of the cooperation

The aim of the cooperation is to support the educational and therapeutic work with children with autism by using ABA DrOmnibus App to improve the effectiveness of ABA Therapy. ABA DrOmnibus App is a multimedia tool that complements ABA therapy. The APP includes resources for therapy and allows you to continue therapy at home. ABA Dromnibus App has been designed to teach essential skills to children with autism and help them develop better and is easily adapted for therapy at a clinic (institutions) and at home.

DrOmnibus will develop a tool for BCBA thanks to ideas and comments from ABA therapists form Eden II and parents of children with autism.

The project will involve 8 therapists and 3 parents of children from Eden II programs who will share their opinions with DrOmnibus every month and describe the progress of children with autism that will use the ABA DrOmnibus application in the institution and at home.

The professionals who work with autistic children at Eden II Programs have provided their first feedback on the ABA DrOmnibus app.

Here are the main conclusions that we were able to draw from the first stage of the cooperation:

  1. The built-in automatic system of prompts makes the work of therapists more efficient and has a very attractive design that is easy for children to understand.
  2. The games follow the principles of behavioral therapy, which means that therapists get a ready-to-use, professional material that they can use for therapy with children with autism.
  3. Working with the app is divided into three stages: the pre-test, learning, and the post-test – exactly how the process should be led. Therapists do not have to think about how the process should play out.

Professionals who work with autistic children have shared their first experiences with working with the ABA DrOmnibus Pro app. Stay tuned to learn how to use new technologies in therapy and about the tangible effects that you can get from it!

“ABA Dr. Omnibus Pro is a great learning tool! It follows through with the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and really supports the way my students learn! I look forward to watching my students and therapists use the application for the next five months.”

Alexandra Guarnieri

Clinical Coordinator, Eden II Programs/Little Miracles Preschool

“I just wanted to update you on the DrOmnibus app. I believe it is very beneficial for students with autism. The app offers ten trials in a field of 1 or 2 for most programs in all different categories. After completion of all ten trials, the students have an opportunity to choose which type of reinforcement they prefer on the app as well. Alexandra and the rest of my students seem to really being enjoying it. Thank you!”

Mara-Lise Della Monica

Classroom Teacher, Eden II Programs/Little Miracles Preschool

“My first impressions of the application are:

I like how the category words are paired with are paired with pictures. The colors on the page are very pleasing, they’re not too bright which is nice because sometimes that can be over-stimulating. I like that everything is color-coded so you can choose a subject and know what category is covers.”

Marie Perani

Classroom Teacher, Eden II Programs/Little Miracles Preschool        

“The application ABA Dromnibus Pro and Home has benefits to my current student population. I like how the application allows for student independence and the automatic visual prompts it provides. Additionally, the “home” application allows for parent involvement and increases student time on task at home. One con, however, I discovered based on my current students is that the work span before reinforcement is too long. I would recommend this application for classroom and home use.”

Nikki Privracky

Classroom Teacher, Eden II Programs/Little Miracles Preschool    

“Lacey loves ABA DrOmnibus! The application provides content aligned with the curriculum we are currently following. The instructions were clear and appropriate levels of prompting were provided when needed. Positive reinforcement was also provided to Lacey when she correctly completed a question. She showed excitement upon receiving ten correct responses and seemed to enjoy the popping balloons game. ABA DrOmnibus provided cues in order for Lacey to correct her responses when needed and obtain the academic content.”

Kristina Mulham, Classroom Teacher, Eden II Programs/Little Miracles Preschool

“I like the way the application is structured; the pretest, teaching trials, and post-test is set up just the way I would teach a skill without the application. Michael stayed engaged and did not engage in the verbal stereotypies that he typically would during a lesson.”

Megan Sorvino, Classroom Teacher, Eden II Programs/Little Miracles Preschool


New functionalities of the software in the application in May 2018 (new baseline, ABA Programs operating at a basic level and generalization), tested by the team of Eden II, was approved by the following statements of teachers working with children with autism:

“The new update is great, my favorite feature is the easy access to tracking progress and viewing the graphs”,

“The baseline in the app lets me check my student’s baseline level in a given skill and the results of the assessment helps me to personalize programs for each specific student’,

“The new update showed easier navigation, provided more prompting and clearer instructions for therapists,”

“The update providing baseline data is a great way for me to assess my student’s abilities and understand her level of learning. This will aid me in creating programs that best fit her needs. The generalization aspect of the application is the best learning tool for my student and will strengthen her ability to apply learned academic skills in the classroom and the community”.

DrOmninus hopes that other specialists using the tool in their daily work also think about the application as a supporting tool, that helps manage time and resources in client relations.

The next updates in the app announce two more difficult levels of ABA Programs: discrimination and fluency and Behavioral data.