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The market is filled with educational games. Even so, finding an appropriate product for a child with special educational needs may prove to be a real challenge. At DrOmnibus, we follow the principle that games for children with special educational needs should be designed by specialists: psychologists, pedagogues and special needs pedagogues, because the most important consideration is making sure that the content of such games is completely safe for children.

DrOmnibus Inclusive Education is an educational tool created by a team of specialists, who have made sure that our games – in which the level of difficulty is automatically adjusted to the child’s needs – contain no sharp sounds or other distractors, and that the graphics are clear. In addition to over 5000 tasks available in 20 games, parents have access to a progress-tracking system for their children and additional materials for fun and education.

A set of educational games lets you work with your child on basic skills from a wide variety of subjects. These games will teach your child to recognise and distinguish digits from 0 to 9, colours, shapes, fruits, vegetables, animals, body parts, emotions and occupations. Your child can now learn skills at home that he or she needs at school!

What makes DrOmnibus Inclusive Education an exceptional and child-friendly product?

  • Automatically-generated overviews let you track your child’s progress;

  • The system automatically adjusts the tasks to your child’s level of skill;

  • By working on an appropriate educational tool, your child learns to use modern technologies responsibly;

  • It is a fun solution that will motivate your child for work;

  • It gives you easy access to a method of learning that draws from Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Looking for an effective educational tool for your child? DrOmnibus gives you exactly what you need! Here’s what parents of children with SEN have to say about our product:

‘The games have helped our son develop his observation skills, logical thinking, inventiveness and imagination, and improved his memory and concentration. We are extremely satisfied.’

‘Intuitiveness and great graphics. Spot-on!!!’

‘When my son started playing the games in the app, it was like his world did a 360 degree turn. It’s unbelievable how much joy I was able to give to my own son. He’s now able to learn and have fun at the same time.’