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The cooperation started with research (standardized conversations by phone) that confirmed the top six most common problem areas in the work of ABA therapists:







Let us analyze each area and show you how the May update of ABA DrOmnibus answers each problem.

As an ABA therapist, you are a manager. You plan meetings, prepare materials for therapy, list your work hours for financial reports, make reports on your clients’ progress, develop you co-workers’ skills as well as your own, and drive to your clients’ homes and schools; on top of that, you need to be available for communication with your superiors, parents, and other people who take part in a child’s therapy.

Some of these problems can be addressed in practice by using ABA DrOmnibus, an app designed and developed in cooperation with BCBAs in the US.

When planning therapy for your clients, you need to account for the large demand for afternoon sessions. Any cancellations lead to your workload building up and postponed sessions. To help you in this respect, ABA DrOmnibus features organizers and a calendar that gather all the information about your planned sessions in one place.

ABA therapists spend a lot of time collecting data during therapy sessions with children, after which they also need to make graphs and write reports. That is why ABA Programs saves data automatically and processes it into graphs and reports, helping you save time. In addition, the app comes with built-in resources adjusted to the needs of children with autism. These resources, in the form of tasks, create ready-to-use ABA Programs. ABA Programs allow you to teach children with autism colors, shapes, numbers, fruits, vegetables, occupations, emotions, sounds, and more. The app also features quizzes. Each success on the part of the child is rewarded with an extra game.

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ABA Programs and DrOmnibus flashcards share the same elements, so you can combine the two to support the process of generalization.

Bring a tablet on house calls. Thanks to ABA DrOmnibus, you have all the resources and ABA programs on a single device: no need for additional lists or forms. What is more, the app’s Therapy Plus function will allow your client’s parents to continue therapy after your sessions, with no need for training in ABA therapy. Parents can download guides to the DrOmnibus app to help you train them. They can also use the ABA DrOmnibus for Parents version of the app to link their child’s account with yours. This way, you will be able to assign homework to the child to be done under the parents’ supervision, and all data on the child’s progress with you and with the parents will be tracked and saved jointly, as part of the same ABA Program. You do not have to supervise the parents.

Even better, parents do not need to remember to collect the data and do not risk making mistakes in interpreting their child’s progress: the app automatically saves the result of each session, which you can then analyze remotely and in real time.

As with the parents, ABA DrOmnibus also lets you cooperate with other professionals who work with the same client. Simply invite another professional through the app to be able to share notes and comments about the child’s progress.

Such in-app cooperation and communication allow everyone involved in your client’s therapy to access the same progress data online, generate the same reports, and – in case of employee turnover – change the therapist assigned to the client while keeping the reports and continue therapy.

ABA DrOmnibus lets you receive feedback from the parents or professionals working together on your client’s education and therapy. This feedback is related to a particular scope of knowledge and skills, thanks to which all the data collected in one place will make your communication easier and streamline your reporting processes.

Automatic data collection, ready-to-use ABA Programs and flashcards, parent guide, and cooperation with other professionals who are engaged in your client’s therapy allow you to save time, helping you avoid overtime.

As a therapeutic tool, our app answers the needs of ABA therapists and continues to expand through pilot programs carried out with our partners. https://bsci21.org/support-the-development-of-the-digital-health-sector-and-become-a-partner-of-dromnibus/

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