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Ewa is Antoś’s mother. Antoś has just begun testing Inclusive Education with his teacher, Magdalena Grabowska. During the testing, Antoś will try out the new games at school and work on his skill at home.

The cooperation started when Ewa met with the teacher and a DrOmnibus representative at her son’s school to learn about the terms of the project, install the app on a tablet and log onto Antoś’s newly-created account. ‘When I agreed to take part in the project, my greatest worry was that Antoś would quickly get bored with the games in the app and destroy the tablet, especially since he’d already broken one’, says Ewa. She was astounded when her boy, having just been given his tablet, got excited, started jumping with joy and could not wait for the moment when would be able to dive into the app.

Cooperation between school and home

Now, Antoś takes his tablet to school with him, just like his textbooks and other learning aids. Ewa and Magdalena decided that Antoś would play the new games only at school, and his work at home would be dedicated to improving on what he’s learned. And so, Magdalena sent Ewa a daily text with what they learned at school so that Antoś could continue the subject at home. Magdalena and Ewa also agreed that Antoś is not going to be allowed to use the tablet if he’s misbehaving.  This motivates him to work on his behaviour.

Every day, when Antoś comes back home, he takes a little break and goes on a walk, after which he starts doing his homework. ‘He doesn’t like it, but ever since we started using the tablet and the app, he’s more eager to do school tasks, because he knows that the last part of the homework is going to involve him playing the games’, says Ewa. Because Antoś has difficulty with emotions, he usually works on that particular subject.

First steps forward

Antoś is very interested in both the tablet and Inclusive Education. After several weeks of working with the device, Ewa noticed that her son is more willing to go to school and became more open. The difference in behaviour was clear.

‘I hope that Antoś will keep on working eagerly, that he’ll learn more and faster and that he’ll improve his behaviour’, she says. ‘Sometimes, Antoś experiments with the app for fun, giving the wrong answers on purpose to find new sounds and features’, she adds, laughing.

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