ABA DrOmnibus


The inclusion of a child with special educational needs in a class means higher expectations from the teacher, who needs to adjust his or her teaching methods and means to the child’s needs. DrOmnibus helps you meet these expectations by providing a tool that is compatible with the curriculum and adjusted to the requirements of inclusive educations.

DrOmnibus Inclusive Education offers comprehensive support for primary school teachers of children with special educational needs. You gain access to educational games developed by a team of specialists for children with special needs and a progress-tracking system. DrOmnibus Inclusive Education allows teachers to divide their attention equally between all children. You don’t have to assist a child with special needs in all exercises, and you can include him or her in class activities once you think the child is ready. The tool will also help to equalise the educational chances of all children by allowing them to work at very different levels of difficulty.

The system automatically records the activity of all children, relieving you of the need to constantly everyone’s progress – just access the automatically-generated overview to learn about each child’s performance and specific difficulties. The system also automatically adjusts the level of difficulty to each child’s needs, so you no longer need monitor what the everyone is working on. The system will do that for you by providing stimulating tasks that are neither too hard nor too easy. And once a child should move on to a different subject, you can simply suggest playing a different game.

DrOmnibus Inclusive Education is a comprehensive tool designed by psychologists and pedagogues that combines learning and therapy. Our games are based on Applied Behaviour Analysis, one of the world’s leading methods of learning.