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6 reasons why you should use the ABA DrOmnibus APP

5 March 2018

Natalia Iwan

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ABA DrOmnibus is a delightful app that motivates and supports learning in an efficient and friendly way, according to teachers who recommend us in the Educational App Store. We have also just received the results of the curriculum certification, and  we are happy to announce that our app has made it into the Teacher App Library (TAL) and Parent App Library (PAL)!

  1. ABA DrOmnibus is an application that aims to support the learning of basic skills. Specifically made for children with developmental delay and autism, the app supports children following Applied Behaviour Analysis programs. ABA comes from a branch of science called behaviour analysis and ABA programs have been successful in bringing about positive behavioural change for people with autism and other needs.
  2. ABA DrOmnibus is a delightful app that motivates and supports learning in an efficient and friendly way. In order to access the app, you are required to register to set up specific profiles. In doing so, you are given 14 days free before you can subscribe to access the full features of the app. The free trial gives you a good taste of whether or not it is suitable. You can then decide to subscribe to a 1 month, 3 month or annual option.  
  3. The user interface is child-friendly and extremely easy to navigate. The app is nicely sectioned into relevant categories like; cognitive, mathematical, nature and social. By clicking on these relevant areas, you can narrow down to the area you want to work on such as colours, shapes, vegetables, fruits, numbers, emotions and professions. The developers continue to add further areas with each update. There are two options to choose from in each area, ‘Learning’, where initial basic skills work takes place and ‘Improvement’ where the child can generalise what they have learned. At the end of each activity, there is the option of playing intrinsically motivating games. The children in my class loved this feature especially.  
  4. There are over 5000 tasks available allowing you to track progress in all areas and create a comparative report. This feature can really help with planning next steps in learning and creating activities outside app use to consolidate understanding further.
  5. ABA DrOmnibus can adjust the level of prompt depending on the ability of the child which is excellent for personalised support and differentiation. I feel the level of prompting and delay really works in all areas of the game allowing for good progression. The verbal instructions and voice coach are clear adding to an excellent user experience.
  6. I have really enjoyed trialling ABA DrOmnibus, once you have registered you can start using immediately with little difficulty. At first, I felt the subscription was a little pricey, but when you see what full features are available and the apps potential benefits, it is relatively inexpensive for what you get. I will definitely be recommending Dromnibus-Inclusive Education to the parents and staff at the school. Well done!    

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