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The World Autism Awareness Month is the time when every celebrity, foundation and association speak out about persons with ASD. This month, we want to say loud and clear that autism is not a disease, and that children with ASD do not have any special needs compared to neurotypical children.

As a team of people who are especially familiar with autism, be decided to create a project composed of your selfies. Regardless of what part of the world we live in, what we do and what our jobs are, we all have a common cause.

Over the full month of the project, we collected 90 photos from all around the globe, including Russia, the UK, US, India, Pakistan or Canada

We were very glad to see parents, schools, influences and partnered websites join the action. 

Thank you for all the photos you sent us! They all formed a beautiful collage, which we printed out and hung at the DrOmnibus office (you can do the same!). The collage will remind us that the World Autism Awareness Month can last the whole year. All your photos show that persons with ASD are not alone, that they have open and friendly people who understand their disorder.