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15 school children from Gdańsk begin working with our app

27 April 2017

Ewa Kochańska

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15 children with hearing and attention disorders begin working with our ABA DrOmnibus educational app.

Today, 339 children aged 5–12 learn in 15 classes. Teachers and guidance counsellors carry out special needs curricula for 80 children, including children with behavioural and developmental disorders.

‘Most of the children with SEND at our school have medical opinions, which lets them undergo an individual programme. They usually have problems with eye-hand coordination, learning to read and write, dealing with emotions and focusing’, says Anna Meslin, the school’s resident psychologist.

What does working with children with SEND involve?

We use different methods in class, such as the project method, the Kraków method, Sherborne Developmental Movement, art therapy, bibliotherapy or mnemotechniques. The children also like working on computers and tablets. In April this year, 15 children from the reception class and grade 1 began working with the DrOmnibus Inclusive Education app. These children show an incorrect development, with phoneme hearing disorders and difficulties focusing. They play the app on computers and tablets once per week during therapeutic after-class exercises.

What are the expectations?

‘We expect that introducing the app into classes will help counteract the children’s developmental deficits and make learning fun and more attractive’, says Anna, who supervises the children’s work with app at school.

Do you work with children with special needs?