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10 skills you can exercise while packing your luggage

27 June 2017

Ewa Kochańska

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The summer holidays are here! Hurray! We all look forward to sunny beaches, getting a sun tan or dipping our feet in mountain streams. But before that happens, we must go through a crucial stage of holiday preparations: packing the luggage.

Packing suitcases together can be yet another way to prepare your child for the trip that will help them get used to the new situation. It’s worth packing your things a bit earlier (so that you have more time to work with your child). Suitcases in the lobby will make for a tangible sign of changes that you’re going to see soon. Good luck!

Why is it worth packing your luggage together?


    It will make your child feel that the trip is a joint enterprise on your part. This way, your child will feel like they’re taking an active part in the challenges you both face. Remember that it’s just an exercise – it’s not going to replace packing your suitcases for real.


    Packing the suitcases can become a valuable learning session for your child. You can use it to help them work on recognizing particular objects, colors and shapes. All those objects that usually lie idle in drawers and that are close by during packing can inspire fun games for you and your child. Simple questions are helpful, such as, ‘What color are the socks?’, ‘Can you find something in the suitcase that is red?’, or ‘Is there anything that is green here?’.


    Packing things that have suddenly appeared in the wrong place develop logical thinking. Give your child simple puzzles to solve about the things that you’re going to need on your trip (‘Are we going to build sand castles?) or ask your child about objects that are lying in front of you on the carpet. Adjust the difficulty of the puzzles and questions to your child’s capabilities – you know them best. For instance, when asking about the toothbrush, you can simply say, ‘What do you clean your teeth with every morning?’.

If your child feels attached to objects that you’re going to leave at home for your trip, make a list of things to bring with you. Begin by deciding how long the list can be. Should it include 3 of your child’s favorite things, or will you let them bring 5 or 10 things of their choice? Work on the list together. Remember that you can draw the list instead of writing it!

10 skills that you can exercise when packing your luggage:

  1. Recognising body parts;
  2. Recognising colors, sounds, occupations, and shapes;
  3. Balance and coordination;
  4. Recognising and naming emotions;
  5. Communicating your needs;
  6. Having a scripted conversation;
  7. Basic self-care at home;
  8. Basic self-care outside;
  9. Building relationships with other people;
  10. Planning activities.

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