Stimulus Resources
6 March 2018
Natalia Iwan
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Read more about features description od ABA DrOmnibus Resource APP and make ABA Therapy more effectiveness for children with autism.

Save time on resource preparation with an built-in picture database.

The DrOmnibus team has conducted an extensive research on a BCBA’s everyday work and found out that one of the most common challenges they face is a lack of easy access to teaching resources. Resource preparation can be very time-consuming. Purchasing, printing, & laminating pictures, flashcards and other resources requires both time and expenditures.

To help with this, DrOmnibus is creating an interactive database of resources inside ABA DrOmnibus App. The resource database consists of over one thousand images, conveniently available via tag and search algorithms. Suppose you need to quickly find all objects that are blue or all objects that have wheels. No problem, you are only a couple of clicks away. The image database features the visual representations of Sundberg’s 300 nouns list.