ABA DrOmnibus - Resource App

All in one tool with a direct focus on resources for therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder

We support ABA Autism therapy at home to help your child reach their full potential. Experience the ABA DrOmnibus Home, and see for yourself how quickly your child can acquire valuable skills and have fun!  

  • 7000 tasks in 36 diverse games for children aged 3­–6  that support Early Intervention for ASD Children
  • Areas covered: Colors, Shapes, Vegetables, Fruits, Digits, Emotions, Occupations, Parts of the Body, Animals, City, Home, People, Nature, Activities, Matching Pictures, Hot and Cold, Soft and Hard, Dry and Wet, Light and Heavy, Fast and Slow, and Objects and Attributes
  • The therapy is available everywhere: at home, at school, and on holidays. Everyone can use it, as all you need is a tablet, a laptop, or a PC.

The BCBA tool for autism therapy with ABA DrOmnibus Pro app. Experience the ABA DrOmnibus Pro and see how it improves the efficiency and effectiveness of autism therapy.

  • Baseline  Assessment – get baseline assessment for ABA Programs
  • ABA Programs in the App – use already included programs to run ABA Programs. Customize the programs to best fit the client’s individual needs (coming soon)
  • Real Time Data, Graphs and Reports – collect the data effortlessly with our automated data collection and graphs system (coming soon)
  • Resourcessave your time on resource preparation/ program materiał and tools with our over 1000 pool of stimulus pictures or option to upload your own stimulus picture to create your own individualized program ready to use in few seconds (coming soon)
  • Video Modeling Assistant – model your therapist on how to run the program with our video module or model behaviors for your clients

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