Data & Graphs
6 March 2018
Natalia Iwan
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Read more about features description od ABA DrOmnibus Resource APP and make ABA Therapy more effectiveness for children with autism.

In the ABA DrOmnibus App, assessment and ABA teaching programs collect data in real-time.

The assessment allows you to check the child’s baseline level of skills. You can then easily create an ABA program based on the baseline assessment. For example, if the app determines that the child knows the color blue but does not yet know the color green, it will automatically set up an ABA program to teach green, and the blue will be used as a discriminative stimulus. The results of this assessment and the program will be available at any time to check, print, or download.

The data collection in ABA DrOmnibus includes assessment reports, cumulative graphs for each skill, individual graphs for each target, and skill sheets. The data is generated in real time.