ABA Program Manager
6 March 2018
Natalia Iwan
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Read more about features description od ABA DrOmnibus Resource APP and make ABA Therapy more effectiveness for children with autism.

Use our picture database to quickly create ABA programs and run them on your device.

The therapist can use the list of default programs or create their own program in seconds to personalize the child’s therapy.


The personalization feature lets you take and upload pictures within the system and run the program according to individual needs. After selecting the pictures, you can set the parameters of the program. Match milestones such as VB-MAPP. Choose the levels and adjust response time according to the individual needs of your learner.


The personalized ABA programs can be used on different devices by therapists if needed. The ABA program can also be sent to parents to practice at home. No extra effort is needed to train parents how to use this interactive app.