ABA DrOmnibus


Todd began with the “Learning” category, which features games designed for children with severe cognitive deficits that teach basic elements such as shapes, emotions. He chose the Colors game. Initially, the app displayed only one element at a time – in this case, the color red – ask asked him to select it. The difficulty then started rising, with more colors appearing at the same time. After a failed response, the system highlighted the correct answer, and after enough tokens, given out for correct answers, were collected, Todd was able to select a short, relaxing game to play as a reward.

After the “Leaning” category, Todd moved on to the “Improvement category”, a much more advanced one, incorporating such mechanisms as multiple-choice tasks or particular objects of a given color, rather than abstract blots of color. He also checked the “Quiz”, or a category in which he was asked to match two elements, such as matching a tennis racket to a tennis court.

Todd summarized his experience with ABA DrOmnibus in the following way:

I was impressed at the quality of animation and sounds in the app.  Moreover, the embedded “minigames” made for fun “breaks” in between the learning games.  If your child struggles to maintain attention, this app could help him/her focus for longer periods of time while learning something in the process.

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A Review of the ABA DrOmnibus App