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DrOmnibus is a complex tool for supporting the therapy and education of children with developmental and/or behavioral disorders (including autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, mental impairment) which features a progress-tracking system along with a personal organizer of the child’s therapist, based on games for tablets.

Children can successfully use it during the meetings with a therapist as well as on their own, at home.

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The games are interactive, easy to use for a child, and adapted to his abilities and needs!

PhD. Eng. Jolanta Zielińska, Head of the Department of New Technologies Applied to the Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of the Disabled, Pedagogical University of Cracow

We’re looking forward to using this attractive educational software during our therapy sessions!

Teresa Chłosta, Manager of a Rehabilitation and Education Centre (OREW)

The applications are a great, well-thought-out solution for all children and, in particular, a wonderful aid for children with physical, mental, and multiple disabilities. They are an excellent addition to the tools we’ve been equipped with up until now. Good job and congratulations!

Justyna Puchałka-Stecyka speech therapist for special-needs children

Marvellous idea! The games are one of the few which can be used with the disorders I deal with during my therapy sessions, and I had been looking for an application adapted to the needs and dysfunctions of my patients for a long time.

Marianna Karczmarczyk, a psychologist, Association of Families and Friends of People with Serious Disabilities “MAJA”

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